Is Your Favorite Wine Made from Berries? Check Again!


Think berries…strawberries, raspberries, and blue berries. Then think wine.  Yes, some of these delicate berry flavors can be present in fine wines. But, your favorite varietal wines aren’t made from berries. Boone’s Farm, maybe, but not your wine. Right?

Well, hold on a minute. When you actually get technical about it, it turns out that grapes are, from a botanical perspective, berries, not a fruit! 

Though you’ll commonly hear grapes referred to as “fruit,” it turns out that botanists technically classify grapes as berries since each fruit forms from a single flower.

This gets even more interesting when you find out that a strawberry isn’t actually a berry. Neither is a blackberry.  Then, you learn that a banana is a berry! Huh?

Well, regardless, the wines that you commonly drink are berry wines, not fruit wines.  Another wine fun-fact. Cheers!