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Part of the fun and adventure of wine is opening a bottle and finding out what's Behind the Cork™.

I am not paid by any producers of wine, although I may be provided with samples for review. And in those case where I am, I'll be sure and tell you. I am not a professional reviewer of wine. I simply love to share recommendations on great wines. Hope you enjoy these!

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When I come across a great bottle of wine, I want to let others know. These Behind the Cork™ reviews are for special bottles and special finds.  Some are directly from local wine sellers and others are from wineries that I've had the pleasure to visit. But either way, you can depend that these are exceptional!

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I frequently get asked "What's a good bottle of wine to buy?"  And my response is always the same "What kind of wine do you like?"

Most people are just looking for a nice bottle of wine to have with dinner or to take to a party. Something that's easily obtainable and affordable.

These are wines I've tried and liked. Wines that you should be able to find, afford and hopefully, enjoy.

While I always say that you should drink whatever you like, these Behind the Cork™ recommendations will give you the opportunity to try something new without fear of the unknown.

Behind the Cork™ Wine Reviews