Wine Glasses

Can a Wine Glass Make Your Wine Taste Better?

What's the Best Type of Wine Glass?

Why Choose a Wine Glass with a Stem?

Do You Need a Different Wine Glass for Each Varietal of Wine?

How to “Prime” or “Season” a Wine Glass

Cleaning Wine Glasses

  • Ideally, all you need to do is wash is warm water and dry with a dry lint-free cloth

  • If you must use any type of soap or detergent, ensure that the glass is very well rinsed so that there is absolutely no film or residue remaining that could affect the fragrance or flavor of the wine the next time that it is used

  • Always fully dry the glass and ensure there is no remaining cloudiness on the glass. For proper presentation, you want it to be sparkling clean.

How Many Glasses of Wine are there in a Bottle?

  • A standard 750 ml bottle of wine (25.3 oz) contains five 5 oz glasses of wine


Is Your Wine Too Warm, Too Cold,or Just Right?

Chilling Wine in the Freezer

Freezing Wine and Defrosting in a Microwave

The Serving Temperature Can Greatly Affect How Your Wine Tastes

Decanting Wine

Why Decant a Wine?

When Not to Decant a Wine

Decanting versus Aerating a Wine

Wines for Occasions

Rosés for Valentine's Day

Try a Different Wine with Your Turkey

Wine Defects

How to Know When Your Wine Has Gone Bad

What to Do About Sediment in Wine

What are Those Tiny Crystals on the Cork?

Pairing Food and Wine


Proper Storage

Storing Un-Opened Bottles

Proper Storage Begins at the Store

Storing Opened Bottles

Freezing and Thawing Opened Bottles

Opening a Bottle

Opening a Bottle of Wine

Opening a Bottle of Champagne