Aromas Play an Important Part in How a Wine Tastes

Nose in Wineglass_2.jpg

In a recent blog, I asked “What do you smell when you smell wine?” In wines, especially the red wines, there are a multitude of aromas that can be detected, with a little practice. And, these aromas play an important part in how the wine tastes.

I was unintentionally reminded of this fact recently. I have a couple of insulated wine tumblers that are great for keeping wines such as rosés and white wines chilled when outside on a hot day. These double-walled metal tumblers also come with a handy “sipper” top that’s perfect for avoiding spills and keeping the bugs out.

I’ve enjoyed using these tumblers but was constantly finding that the wines were just so-so. This went on for some time until one day when I wasn’t using the “sipper” top. My wine really tasted good, the way it should. Then, suddenly, I realized the issue with the “sipper” tops. They were not allowing me to get any of the aroma from the wine. And, that makes a big difference.

Just try pinching your nose shut while eating or drinking. Things just don’t taste the same. Without your sense of smell you have a reduced sense of taste for anything you eat or drink.

And, the same is true with canned wines. The small opening doesn’t allow for any of the aromas to reach your nose.

So, avoid drinking from a “sipper” lid or directly from a can. Then you’ll be assured that you are getting to enjoy the full flavors of your wine. Cheers!