Behind the Cork™ - Phantom Chardonnay by Bogle


2017 Phantom Chardonnay by Bogle ($20)

Here’s a “scary” one from Bogle that is very appropriate as we approach Halloween. This Phantom Chardonnay is inspired by a ghostly figure that wanders the Bogle cellars at night. And, there are also some paranormal stories of the Phantom available by downloading the “Augmented Reality Wine Labels” app from the internet and scanning the Phantom bottle label.

As for this Phantom Chardonnay, it was sur lee aged for 10 months in 100% French Oak with lees stirring twice a month.

The result is anything but scary. It’s actually downright friendly to the nose and pallet. This Chardonnay has wonderful aromas of honey, vanilla and baked apples. The oak aging results in creamy, buttery flavors of caramel and butterscotch, along with apple and pear with just a touch of acidity to round out its flavor.

After tasting this one, I went out the next day and bought another one. It’s that good. So keep you eyes out for this Phantom Chardonnay by Bogle! Cheers!

Disclosure of Wine Sample Submission: I received this wine at no cost for review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Sample Provided by Bogle Vineyards