A Mystery Wine Tool

I recently received a gift that came in at small flat box. Knowing that good things come in small packages, I lifted the box only to find it to be very heavy.  Odd.  But, what was even more odd was once I opened the box and removed its contents, I still didn’t know what it was.

Champagne Cork Opener_3.JPG

Being a bit perplexed, I asked "What is it?" It looked a bit like a tool that would be used to crack walnuts. But, no, it was not a nut cracker. I was told that is a wine tool. Really?

I finally had to ask “Tell me what it is!” and was told it is a Champagne cork opener!  I’d never seen such a tool and was fascinated. It’s designed to grab the cork (or plastic stopper) in a bottle of sparkling wine.  Once you’ve got a good grip on it, you simply twist and pull and out comes the cork. Without injuring yourself or damaging something in the room.

Now, it may not be as showy or fun as sabering the bottle open (if you’re not familiar with that I’ll cover it in a future blog) but it is quite efficient.  So, if you one who drinks a bit of the bubbly or you know someone who does, this makes a great gift. And, a great conversation piece. Cheers!