Big Wine Gets Even Bigger


In some of my recent reading, I came across the fact that E. & J. Gallo, The Wine Group and Constellation Brands produce more than half of the wine consumed in the U.S. Wow!

But then early this month I learned that Gallo had entered into an agreement with Constellation Brands to purchase more than 30 wine and spirits brands, along with six wine making facilities located in California, Washington, and New York. Double wow!

So, here’s a listing of some of the most familiar wine labels Gallo previously had in its portfolio — Alamos, Amarone, André Sparking wine, Apothic, Barefoot (this one accounts for almost 5% of all the wine consumed in this country!), Bartles & James, Boone’s Farm (Yup, they’re still around), Branciaia, Bridlewood, Carlo Rossi, Carnivor, Souverain Columbia, Dancing Bull, Dark Horse, DaVinci, Gascon, Edna Valley, Frei Brothers, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Gallo Family, Ghost Pines, J Vineyards, LaMarca Prosecco, Locations Brand (previously owned by Dave Phinney), Louis Martini, MacMurray, Mirassou, Orin Swift, Red Rock, Redwood Creek, Talbott, The Naked Grape, Tisdale, Tott’s Sparking Wine, Turning Leaf and William Hill.

That’s not the full listing, just some of the most notable.

Now, you add to that the labels from Constellation Brands — Clos du Bois, Black Box, Estancia, Mark West, Wild Horse, Franciscan, Hogue Cellars and Ravenswood.

That’s quite a portfolio!

So, maybe you don’t regularly purchase the Gallo label wine, but now looking at this list, you are likely to be purchasing wines that are part of Gallo’s portfolio. Cheers!