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2015 Godelia Godello-Doña Blanca White Blend ($17)

I must admit, I had to do a little research on this one. The Godello and Doña Blanca grapes were ones that I wasn't familiar with, but am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn something new.

The Godello grape is grown in both Spain and Portugal. And, it's one that was on its way to extinction in the 1970s. But efforts were made to rescue this grape that now has a solid foot-hold in Galicia. These grapes produce intensely bright, acidic wines with citrus flavors and noticeable minerality. This leads to a long finish, ending with hints of saline. 

To counter the bold Godello, the Doña Blanca grape, also from Spain and Portugal, is often used. This grape is aromatic, but light and delicate. In the past, it was used to produce white port, but now seems to be most often blended with other grapes, as is done with this wine.

This Godelia Godello-Doña Blanca white blend is produced from hand-picked grapes that are chilled for 24-48 hours to 23 degrees F. This process causes the grapes to split and begin maceration on the skins. The grapes are then pressed while simi-frozen and fermented in stainless steel tanks, thus preserving their bright fruit flavors.

This white blend was a real pleasant surprise. Not only did I get to learn about a couple of grape varieties, but I got to enjoy a really nice, bright and flavorful wine.  If you are able to find this one,  pick it up! This was a real eye-opener for me and one that I'd go back to often!

Disclosure of Wine Sample Submission:  I received this wine at no cost for review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Sample Provided by Donna White Communications