What's the Intrigue of an Old Bottle of Wine?

Like an old coin, an old painting, an old stamp, an old car or any other antique, old items hold certain appeal and intrigue. Maybe it's the notion of what was happening at the time when the item was made. Or, it could just be the look and feel of an old item that evokes an emotional experience when thinking back to the time when the item was produced.

In some ways, an old bottle of wine is like an antique. But, unlike any other type of antique, while it is indeed old, it has changed since it was originally produced. That, I believe, provides the real intrigue.

After wine goes into the bottle it continues to evolve. Even though it looks like it's still, the wine goes through further chemical reactions that can alter the way it looks, smells, tastes and feels in your mouth. Sometime for the better and sometimes for the worse. But, nonetheless, older wines from the better wine regions of the world and from the better wineries do become more sought after when they have aged.

Pulling the cork on an old bottle can be a big thrill. Hopefully, it's still drinkable. And if it is, it may be unlike any wine you've ever tasted.

But, generally speaking, drink your wines young (with in 10 years of the vintage date) as they are in their prime. If you do choose to lay a few bottles down, ensure they are stored in a cool, dark environment.  Cheers!