Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week

2015 Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling ($7)

This Riesling from Washington's Columbia Valley is listed as being between Medium-dry and medium-sweet. So, remembering that 'Dry' means little or no residual sugar in the wine, you know right away there is going to be some sweetness in this one.  The winery sources these Riesling grapes from both their warm and cool climate sites. The cool climate Riesling grapes give this wine its sweet fruit flavors and contributes to a lighter wine, while the warm climate grapes are a bit more subdued and more toward medium-bodied. The resulting blend has the great sweet fruit flavors of Riesling with just a bit of softness on the edges.  A great entry-level wine and one that pairs very well with hot-spicy foods.