Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week

I constantly get asked "What's a good bottle of wine to buy?"  And my response is always the same "What kind of wine do you like?" because the wines that I like may not be the ones that you would like. So I've struggled with the question and how to best answer it. 

In the EverWonderWine website there is a page I call Behind the Cork. This web page includes "Super Wines!" which are exceptional bottles of wine that I've come across. I don't score them or give in-depth reviews. I just let you know that it's an amazing bottle of wine.  But, often these are either hard to find (e.g., only available from the winery) or pricey wines from when I've splurged a bit.

The Behind the Cork™ page also includes "Great Values!" in which I feature Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week. These are nice bottles of wine that are easily obtainable and affordable; usually under $20. These are wines I've tried and liked. Wines that you can pick up and try.

I try to pass along nice whites, reds, rosés, sparkling wines and dessert wines. And I give you an idea of approximately what they cost.

My motto is "Drink what you like." Hopefully these Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week recommendations will give you the opportunity to try something new without fear of the unknown.