Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week

Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot ($15)

The Alexander Valley in Sonoma County turns out some terrific wines, including this Merlot from the winery named for the originator of the valley. 

The Wetzel family who own and run Alexander Valley Vineyards, purchased a large portion of a homestead built by Cyrus Alexander, the valley’s nineteenth century namesake. Today, the Wetzel Family Estate grows fourteen grape varieties, on diverse sites stretching from the banks of the Russian River up onto the hillsides.

This Merlot is a fine example of a medium body red with soft tannin and good black fruit flavors of black cherry, blackberry and plum with a touch of oak to add a subtle vanilla flavor. The finish is long and lasting. This medium bodied Merlot is great for food pairings due to its moderate acidity and tannin. It works well with beef, pork, cured meats and even a flavorful chicken dish.