2015 Year in Review

EverWonderWine was started just a year ago.  I had no experience with blogging or managing and maintain a website. But, I had an overflowing passion for the world of wine along with a burning curiosity of wine-related information. I had thoughts of sharing what I had learned to-date as well as what I would surely continue to learn and experience in the future.  So, with the encouragement and support of my family, I set off to pass along my love of all things having to do with wine. EverWonderWine was born!

EverWonderWine was started with no particular direction or strategy other than to share basic information on wine.  Throughout the year I randomly touched on topics that included "How to Choose a Wine" and "What Wines Should I Try?"  I briefly discussed flavors and textures in wine, along with how to serve wines, how to visit wineries, and how to do wine tasting. Finally, I wrapped up the year with a brief series on fortified wines and dessert and Late Harvest wines.  And, there were many other topics sprinkled in along the way.

It's hard to believe that a year flew by; it was a lot of fun. But I feel that I've just begun to scratch the surface of wines. There are so many topics that I can't wait to share and even more that I'm sure I discover along this wonderful exploration of wines.

So, for those who have supported me, I say a genuine "Thank you."  I've truly enjoying this journey and am looking forward to the year ahead, wherever the path may lead.