Do You Need a Different Wine Glass for Each Varietal?

You may have seen that some wine glass manufacturers make different glasses for different varietals of wine made.  So, it would seem, you could end up with a couple dozen sets of wine glasses just to make sure you have the 'right' glass for each wine.

If money and shelf space were no object, having a wide variety of wine glasses would be a fine approach. And the wine glass manufacturers would love for you to purchase multiple sets of wine glasses.  But practically speaking, you can get away with two or three different types of wine glasses.

First, as previously described, you should have a tall, large bowl, stemmed red wine glass.  This will allow you to enjoy all the aromas and favors that a red wine has to offer.

Second, you should have a smaller stemmed glass, with a more U-shaped bowl, for a white wine.  Not a whole lot smaller.  Remember, even with a white wine you are not filling the glass, just pouring to about one-third full. And you can use these for sparkling wines as well.

Finally,  you might consider picking up an inexpensive set of multipurpose wine glasses for occasions when you are outside. Whether the backyard, a picnic or the beach, accidents happen and you don't want to put any of your nicer stemware at risk.

So this wraps up the series on wine glasses.  Remember, the type of wine glass you choose can truly enhance your wine drinking experience. Cheers!