What Wine Should You Drink?

So many times the question is "What wine should I drink?" 

A few years ago, I was out to dinner at a very nice restaurant with three business associates, including my manager who was quite knowledgeable about wines.  The restaurant had a very good menu and a terrific wine list.  It came time to order and I chose a really great looking fish entree and a glass of French red wine that was described as something that I would really enjoy. After the waiter had taken our order and left the table, my manger asked me what I'd ordered. I repeated my order, only to have him say "You ordered a red wine with your fish?" and he looked at me funny.  I thought to myself, 'Yes...I ordered a really great looking red wine; is there a problem with that?'  Apparently I'd done something wrong.  I love red wines, and had ordered a really nice French wine that was described as something that I'd really enjoy.  But, to my manager, I'd ordered the wrong wine. Of course, I felt quite uncomfortable through the rest of the meal. But, as we got up from the table to leave the restaurant, I reflected on the dinner. The fish was really great and my glass of red wine was, as expected, outstanding. I'd had a great meal, but felt bad about it.

While I probably could have made a better pairing choice of wine with my fish, I had enjoyed a delicious meal and a fine glass of wine.  What's wrong with that?

So, what wine should you drink?  The answer is very simple; drink what you like.  And enjoy it!