Macabeo   (mah-kah-BEH-oh) - Grown throughout Spain, where it goes by the name of Viura. Used in the production of Cava along with Parelada and Xarel-lo.
  Malagousia   (mah-lah-goo-ZYA) - From northern Greece, this grape produces medium-bodied, rich tasting wines.
  Malvasia   (Mal-vah-SEE-ah/mal-VAH-zha) - Historically grown in the Mediterranean, this family of grapes is now grown in many parts of the wine making world and used in making sweet, dry and sparkling wines.   Varieties of grapes in this family include Malvasia bianca, Malvasia di Schierano, Malvasia negra, Malvasia nera and Malvasia near di Brindisi.  These grapes are used to produce white table wines. Dessert wines and fortified wines (Madeira) are also produced with this family of grapes.
  Marsanne   (Mar-SAHN) - From the Rhone Valley, this grape is used in white wines of Hermitage. Often blended with Roussanne.  This grape is commonly used in producing a dry-style wine. But, dried grapes are used to produce sweet wines.
  Moschofilero   (mos-ko-FEE-le-ro) - A very aromatic variety from the Peloponnese region of Greece. Best as an aperitif.
  Muller-Thurgau   (MEW-luhr-TOOR-gow) - Predominantly used in Germany, the wine produced from this grape has been described as 'bland' and simi-sweet. While often blended with other grapes, the varietals are often sweet with low acid and a range of fruit flavors.
  Muscat Blanc   (MUHS-kat blonk) - The Muscat blanc grape produces white wines that almost always have a sweet floral aroma.  The wines have a distinct 'grapey' aroma but has low acidity that doesn't usually age well.  Muscat grapes can produce sweet, medium, dry, sparkling and dessert wines.
  Palomino   (pah-loh-Mee-noh) - From the Jerez region in southwestern Spain. This is the grape used to make sherry.
  Picardan   (pee-KARH-dahn) - One of 13 permitted blending grapes within the  Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC in Rhône wine region in France, although very little is planted. Also known as Araignan Blanc.
  Piquepoul   - Both the blanc and noir versions of Piquepoul are permitted blending grapes for the production of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
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