Chenin Blanc   (Shen-in-blonk) - Commonly associated with France's Loire Valley, this grape produces wine with high acidity ranging from sweet and fruity to full-bodied. Also used in dessert wines and sparkling wines. 
  Clairette   (Kleh-RHEHT) - Clairette is permitted as a blending grape in a wide range of appellations in the Languedoc and Rhone regions of France, most notably in the red and white wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
  Fumé Blanc   (Foom-aye blonk) - See Sauvignon Blanc
  Furmint   (FOOR-mint) - Most notably associated with Hungarian Tokaji. High acidity and complex flavors are present in the dry varietal and the sweet dessert wine.
  Garganega   (Gahr-gah-NEH-gah) - The grape used to make Soave and Gambellara in Veneto, northern Italy. (Same as Grecanico)  
  Gewurztraminer      (Guh-VERTS-tra-mee-ner)   ) - This grape with high natural sugar produces wines of low acidity with perfumed scents, strong fruit and spicy flavors.
  Grecanico   (Graa-kah-nee-ko) - This is a Sicilian grape that is used to produce varietal and blends. It produces light refreshing wines with aromas of melon, flowers, almonds and tree fruits and flavors of pear, white peach, and nectarine. It is medium bodied. (Same as Garganega)
  Grillo   (Gree-lo) - This grape is one of the best known Sicilian grapes that produces lighter wines that smell of cut-grass and grapefruit with moderate acidity. Also used in the production of Marsala wine.
  Gruner Veltliner   (GROO-ner-FELT-lih-ner) - Primarily from Austria but also widely grown in Slovakia and Czech Republic, this grape produces crisp and spicy wines with citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit along with a hint of white pepper.
  Inzolia   (Een-zoh-lee-ah) - A grape of Sicily that features spice and floral aromas with light flavors of pear, nuts and spices. A soft and well balanced wine.
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