Portugieser   (por-chuc-GHEE-zer) - Used to produce a light red wine (especially in Germany) that is fresh and sometimes tart.  This is a very prolific grape with low acidity.
  Primitivo   (Prim-ah-TEE-voh) - Known as Zinfandel in the United States, this Italian grape produces wines with high tannin and alcohol, intense flavors and deep color.
  Rondinella   (rhon-de-NEHL-ah) - An Italian grape mainly grown in the Veneto region and used in Valpolicella and Bardolino wines.  Used primarily in blends, this grape is rarely used to produce a varietal.
  Sagrantino   (Sag-RAN-tee-noh) - An Italian grape that is very dark in color, heavy in body and produces a very tannic wine.
  Saint Laurent   (Saint Laur-ent) - An aromatic black grape variety planted in parts of central Europe. It is most commonly found in Austria, but  is also the most widely planted red variety in the Czech Republic. Saint-Laurent wines are dark purple in color, structured yet silky with a characteristic dark-cherry flavor (similar to Pinot Noir).
  Sangiovese   (San-jo-VAY-zay) - The most widely planted Italian grape used as the main component of Chianti (Sangiovese grown in the Chianti region of Italy).  This grape is also used in Brunello di Montalicino and Rosso di Montalcino as well as in the making of the varietal wine with medium tannins and high acidity. Also used in the more modern 'Super Tuscans' blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.
  Schiava   (SKYAH-vah) - Produces lite body, simple, wines with fresh acidity.  Also known as Tollinger.
  Syrah/Shiraz   (See-rah/Shih-Rahz) - Known as 'Syrah' throughout most of world, but known as 'Shiraz' in Australia.   Full bodied with soft tannins and jammier fruit flavors. In the Rhone Valley region of France, Syrah is blended with Grenache and Mourvedre. Varietal Syrah can develop peppery notes, leather and smoke with age.
  Tannat   (Ten-NET) - A French grape that produces a deep, dark, dry and rustic wine with high acidity and aggressive tannins.
  Tempranillo   (Tem-prah-NEE-yoh) - Native to Spain, this dark black grape is the main grape used in Spanish Rioja, but will also be found in Ribera del Duero and Toro wines. Used in blends and produced as a varietal. Moderate tannins and balanced acidity.
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