Sauvignon Gris   (So-vin-YAHN-gree) - A mutation from the Sauvignon Blanc, this grape is primarily used in small quantities in the white Bordeaux blends, although varietals are made.
  Semillon   (Seh-mee-YOHN) - Originally from Bordeaux, this grape is often used to produce sweet wines that tend to be silky smooth. Often blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle.
  Silvaner   (SIL-van-ner) - The third largest planted varietal in Germany. This grape ripens early, has high acidity but neutral aromas. It is often blended.
  Torrontes   (Tore-ahn-TAYZ) - From Argentina, this grape produces wines with medium acidity, and aromas of peach and apricot.  There are actually three varieties of Torrontes: Torrontes Sanjuanino, Torrontes Mendocino and Torrontes Riojano with the later of the three being most widely planted. 
  Trebbiano   (Treb-bee-AH-no) - Originally from Italy, this grape has become a key ingredient in Cognac and Armagnac. While typically being used in white blends, this grape is the most widely used grape in Italy and France. Found mostly in Tuscany, this grape used in red blends as well.
  Verdejo   (Vehr-DAY-hoh) - From Spain, this grape is used to produce both a varietal wine and blends, with either SauvignonBlanc or Viura. The varietal is full-bodied, with balanced acidity with herbs and nutty characteristics.
  Verdelho   (Ver-dell-yoh) - Grown primarily in Portugal, Spain and Australia. In Portugal, Verdelho from the island of Madeira is used to make the fortified Madeira wine. While sometimes used to produce a varietal wine, Verdelho is also blended with Chardonnay or Semillon that are intended for immediate consumption.
  Verdicchio   (Vehr-dee-kee-oh) - Originally from the Marche region of central Italy, this grape is used for both light table wines and more complex varietals. High acidity is one of its prominent characteristics. 
  Vermentino   (ver-meh-tee-noo) - Primarily from Italy, this grape produces a variety of white wines, including sweet and sparkling. With refreshing acidity, this wine has aromas of lemon peel, peach and dried herbs, with a bit of minerality.  Used in the Tuscan Bolgheri blend wines. In California (Lodi) this grape produces flavors of peach and grapefruit. This grape is also known as Rolle in Provence.
  Viognier   (Vee-own-nay) - This grape produces a soft, full-bodied wine with flavors of peaches, pears, apricots and noted minerality.  The Viognier grape is the only one permitted in the production of the French wine Condriue from the Rhone Valley.
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