Behind the Cork™ - Wine of the Week


2016 Cloudline Pinot Noir ($15)

Oregon's Willamette has become quite well known for its Pinot Noir and this one from Cloudline is a fine example.

The Cloudline wine was created in 2002 by Dreyfus Ashby who have been

This Pinot is part of the Droughin Family wines

Cloudline Cellars, created in 2002, represents a first for Dreyfus, Ashby who have been purveyor so fine wine and spirits since 1946 — their own wine.

Given their love for Pinot Noir and their long history developing  Domaine Drouhin Oregon, it’s not surprising that they choose Oregon’s Willamette Valley as the home for their own project. And, this wine is vinified by winemaker Véronique Drouhin.

This Pinot is medium-light in body, with delicate red fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry. And, at this price, it's well qualified as a Behind the Cork™ - Wine of the Week  for its great value.

Where You Drink a Wine Affects How it Tastes


Have you ever noticed that wines can taste really good at a restaurant, wine bar or especially at a winery? It's the whole experience, not just the aromas and flavors, that affect our sense of taste.

As I've discovered, a $15 bottle of wine, when served in a high-end restaurant (where they charge you $45 for that $15 bottle), will taste especially good. Somehow, the lavish surroundings, the great service and the wonderful company at the table just makes the whole wine experience so much better.

And, at a winery it can be even more powerful. You are typically in a beautiful setting surrounded by vineyards and being served by someone who is very knowledgeable about the wine or maybe even the winemaker. This experience can significantly heighten the taste of the wine.

This fact is well understood by the publications that do wine ratings. So much so, that they don't allow their tasters to review or rate wines at wineries or restaurants.  They ensure their tasters are in a neutral setting in order to allow them to focus only on the wine (which, by the way, they are tasting 'blind' with no knowledge of who produced the wine or what it costs).

So, keep in mind that the amazing bottle of wine you recently had at that fancy restaurant was probably made even better by all the other glamour around you. And, that's exactly what the wine experience is all about. Cheers!

Behind the Cork™ - Wine of the Week


2016 Josh Cellars Rosé by Joseph Carr ($10)

We're quickly coming up on Valentine's Day, and what better wine to have in your glass than a rosé.

This "Josh" rosé from Joseph Carr is a nice one. At 12.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), it's a dry wine but the bright, crisp fruit flavors and acidity give a bit of a sweet sensation on the palate with 5 g/L of residual sugar.

According to their data sheet, this rosé is a blend of 89% Barbera and 11% Muscat that provides hints of strawberries and peach while finishing with a mouthwatering citrus flavor.

So, if you're looking to raise a nice glass of pink wine for Valentine's Day, check this one out. Cheers!